Saturday, 10 March 2018

Winter in Chicago

There are pros and cons to visiting Chicago in the winter. Pros: not as many tourists. Cons: unfavourable temperatures and lack of outdoor activities. As a full-time grad student, I don't have the luxury of travelling whenever I like, although that is where I want to be in life. I got here just before Christmas, and after a night of too much alcohol and escapades that involved paramedics and cops (that I dare not speak of) I took to the town with a train pass, leftover student-job income, and my camera.

View from the SkyDeck

Ah, winter! You have held my interest for years but we never met. Some sort of unrequited love story that is borderline unhealthy, and for good reason! As much as I loved going out in the freezing cold and having my face stung by the biting breeze, I did love the warmth of indoors a bit too much and needed a push to leave home every day. But I did. And sightsee, I did.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Shoebox to Home

Six months in New York and I finally have a place I can call home. Sort of. Until August because that's when my lease runs out. 

Even so, I thought it would be prudent to document my first ever apartment no the blog. As this is the first time I'm living alone, it is quite a milestone in my existence. 

It took me a couple of months to find a place that fit my budget. Being an international student isn't easy, not just financially although that is a major burden, but also because we are unaware of the layouts and the legalities when it come to renting places. For an average international student, it is near impossible to rent a studio in Manhattan or even a shared apartment as one would hope. Most students opt for Brooklyn, Queens, or New Jersey, not necessarily in that order of priority. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What's in My Travel Make-up Bag

The past month has been a month of travel for me. The moment my holidays began, I headed to Boston and then Chicago and it's been absolutely what the doctor ordered after a stressful month of finals. The hardest part was packing for the entire month and American domestic airline companies are really stingy with their baggage allowances.

It was hard enough stuffing practical-yet-cute winter clothes into a tiny carryon, but I also had to subsidise on beauty and skincare. I think I managed to bring a decent selection of products and I decided to share it on the blog for those facing a similar dilemma. All of these products comply with airline guidelines for carry-on bags, which is always handy.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Best of 2017

I'm usually very cynical about new years and only see them as a number and not a supernatural occurrence that suddenly changes the course of my life. For the past couple of years, it seemed like I was stuck in a rut, and although I travelled quite a bit within India, I did see it taking over my life. I saw it as a vacation. It took 2017 to make me realise that my fate changes because of my decisions and in order to be happier, I need to constantly keep myself from getting into a rut.

So here it is. A post I never thought I'd do. Looking at the 10 best moments of 2017. Some I may have blogged about.