Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Out With My Camera: Goa!

The last week saw an absence of me on twitter, but an overwhelming amount of me on instagram. The only explanation for this would be a change from the mundane city life that I see everyday. I took a break and went on holiday to Goa for five days. It was something that I had been looking forward to for ages. The last time I visited Goa was when I was five and the only thing I remember from that utrip is picking out a giant red crab from the sand thinking it was a shell, and then running for dear life. I'm sure it was quite a sight and my mother tells me she has a video of it stashed away for a rainy day.

All throughout my trip, I thought over what an amazing blog post it would make. Well, I thought it would be amazing but I would really love to hear from you as well. If this puts Goa on your travel list, I'll be over the moon!

To be quite honest, I didn't think I would enjoy Goa as much as I did. I'm not a fan of the sun or the sea and would prefer hill stations to coastal towns. That said, I fell in love with it from the moment we arrived. We stayed in a quaint little town called Benaulim, which is close to Murgao in South Goa. The beach was about a five minute walk away from our hotel, but in the heat it felt like an hour! The streets lined with tiny shops helped too! Of course, I took my camera along. Here's a look at the amazing sights of Goa and the wonderful array of activities it offers.

Clearly I went on a photography rampage at the shops! Here are some from the street shops at Benaulim, Colva and a few from Baga Beach. It was such a pleasure shopping here as the shopkeepers were so friendly. We did have to bargain though, as they quote such exorbitant prices but I'm quite happy with the prices we ended up paying for the things we bought. Another fun thing to do in Goa is to rent out cycles to travel around the small towns. My sister and I rented them out one evening and went shopping to Colva and also stopped to enjoy the sunset at the beach. Here's a look at our mini-cycling expedition. 

My sister will kill me for putting up this picture but I think it's cute so I'm going to risk my head!

Couldn't resist taking a panorama shot of the amazing view at sunset at Colva beach. 

Apart from relaxing by the sea and shopping, there are plenty of wonderful sights to see like old churches, forts and old Portugese houses (which we missed, sadly.) Being a fan of Gothic architecture, I had to visit the St. Francis Church before I left but I was left surprised as it was so different from any of the other churches I had seen before. 

Saw this lady selling stunning necklaces near the church. Not going to lie, she did try to make a really high profit from me. 

The next stop was the Aguada fort. I was more excited to see the lighthouse inside the fort but they don't allow people inside anymore, sadly. That didn't stop me from convincing my sister that all lighthouses are haunted as they guide lost spirits towards the light. She wouldn't go near it after that and even refused to look at the top of it. Go ahead, call me evil but you'll be lying if you said you'd never been mean to your sibling before. 

The rest of the time was spent lazing on the beach under a big umbrella, slathered in sunscreen (because I'm so paranoid about tanning), snapping pictures of starfish that had been swept onto the shore or of the many dogs lazing on the sand, and early morning workouts in the swimming pool of our hotel. Here are a few more shots of the beaches.

I'm so sad to be back but I'm already making plans to return to Goa. 

Until next time! 

What's your dream destination?


  1. Wow what an incredible trip, I haven't travelled much before and this looks like somewhere I would love to go now, thanks for sharing the beautiful photos xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you get a chance to travel a bit. It's the best cure for a cluttered mind. :)

  2. I loved these photos - especially the one of the person parachuting (or paragliding?) I have wanted to go to Goa for a while now and your pictures are making me feel I should do it soon!!:)


    1. You should visit at least once. You will invariably want to go back. Haha! I feel like heading back already.
      I hope you get a chance to go paragliding too. I was too scared to go but it was fun watching everyone. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Goa looks incredible! I would love to visit there it looks beautiful. I love all the jewellery shops you took pictures in I want to buy it all. Looks like you had a great time. Hope your sister 1. hasn't seen her picture or 2. not killed you for putting it up



    1. Trust me, I went pretty crazy at the jewellery shops! Haha!

      My sister hasn't seen it yet, ergo I'm still alive. :)