Saturday, 23 May 2015

Out With My Camera: Ooty (Day 1)

To be honest, it’s actually day 2. Day 1 was pretty much uneventful so I didn’t feel the need to blog about it.

April and May had been pretty hectic for me, and as soon as I could get a few days off, I decided to go on Holiday to Ooty, a tiny town up in the hills in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. This place is popular for its homemade chocolates and the various varieties of tea that is grown, processed, packaged and sold here.

Last night, we walked around the city and took in the city life. Being so small in area and population, this city starts to shut down at around  9.

Adam's Fountain
Today we had actually planned to take the scenic train to Coonoor. This train (known as the Chaiyya Chaiyya train after the popular Bollywood song starring Shah Rukh Khan who danced on top of this train, according to fans at the railway station) is supposed to be a slow train purely for tourist attraction, that takes over an hour to cover 18 kilometers so the passengers can enjoy the amazing scenery and weather. I was really looking forward to this but we missed it and, if we have nothing better to do tomorrow, we might just take a ride on it for fun.

Although I didn’t get to enjoy the train journey, I did get to take pictures of the empty railway station. I’ve never been to a railway station that is so empty and free. I even got to walk on the tracks!
It was aptly named Railway Garden.

One of the places that shouldn’t be missed in Ooty is the lake. I’m not sure what this lake is called but all the signs say “Boat House”. We took a walk down to the lake, spent some time there, watched people eat cotton candy and pet the horses, before we decided to take the car and drive to Coonoor.
Coonoor, I was surprised to note, was extremely clean and better off than Ooty. I was later informed that it is one of the posher cities in the area. The landscapes were breathtaking and there were even golf courses in the valleys! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures.

Although we didn’t do much today, I did get to enjoy the fantastic scenery and fresh air.

I also visited a factory outlet of a craft brand and managed to pick up a tonne of craft supplies!

The day isn’t over yet! I’m off to another part of town now. I haven’t decided which part yet but hopefully, I’ll be able to blog about it tomorrow.

I have posted more pictures on Instagram, if you're interested. Everytime I travel I start a travelgram on Instagram to catalog my everyday activities. My pictures are unedited for the most part and I like that I can look back and be reminded of my trips to different cities. 

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