Wednesday, 8 July 2015

June Playlist

I thought I'd try out an alternative to the monthly favourites thing that everyone does. My favourites don't change all that much from one month to another, but my favourites do. I thought I'd share a couple of the songs I liked on my blog here. Usually I put it up on my Music Blog but I thought it would be a good idea to share it here as well as a lot of people may want some music recommendations.

June has been an adventure in terms of band hunting. I've found some bands that I've had on repeat and a couple that were sub-standard, in my opinion. On top of that, I got a LOT of suggestions an submissions on my music blog so I had a lot of research and listening to do this month. There have been a couple of tunes that I absolutely must recommend to the populace so here I am, in my jammes, being more productive than I am at my day job!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Life in India: What It's Really Like

A couple of weeks ago, Katie (from Paperback Planes) and I did a cross cultural collaboration expressing our perception on life on the other side of the world. For those who don't know, Katie lives in America whereas I live in India. Neither of us have ever visited the other's home country, although we do really want to. We thought it would be interesting to share our assumptions of what the other country would be like, more to each other than the rest of the world. A lot of our assumptions is based on this awful thing called the media and it's obsession with everything wrong in the world.

Read the first part of our collab here (mine) and here (Katie's).

In the second part of our collab, we thought we'd clear out someone of the doubts expressed in our first post. So here I am, responding to all the things that Katie expressed in her post.

This post is basically going to be me responding to Katie's post and not going over every little detail as that would take me ages to write, and would probably bore you to death. Also, India is filled with so many intricacies associated with different sub-cultures and parts of the country. Each state/city/town differs from the other in so many ways, and I can't say I know them all very well. What I know best is the city where I live which is called Bangalore. All that I say in this post is with reference to Bangalore alone, unless otherwise stated.