Wednesday, 7 October 2015

September Playlist

If you've kept up with this series, you'll know that each playlist has a backstory. Every month is different from the previous. Not just in terms of season but, for me, in terms of the experiences I've had and my mindset during that time of the year. September was a bit of a jumble for me. I tossed all my cards in the air, tried my best not to plan too into the future which made me worry a bit extra, which added more stress into my life. Overall I was big emotional mess, coming to terms with the fact that maybe I wouldn't achieve all the big goals I had set for myself since I was little and trying to enjoy the little things in life. This spurred on a little weekend vacation in the hills of Coorg, my safe haven where nothing can touch me. Coorg is one place where you will see people working as much as they can and being happy with what they have. They are content with what they have. Must be the clean mountain air and home grown coffee that brings that level of peace to a person's heart. 

This month, I was in need of an emotional cleanse. I still haven't completely accepted the fact that life hasn't turned out the way I've wanted it to and maybe that has been my fault in some way. Maybe there has been something holding me back, keeping me for going places and realising my worth. Until that day, I'll have the music and the memories of fresh coffee, clean mountain air and the daydreams that I refuse to let go of when faced with harsh reality. 

After that rather long life update, I'm going to move on to the music. If you think I'm insane. remember that someone quite smart and famous once said that most great people are. There's some hope for people like me after all!