Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Playlist

It wasn't too long ago that I published my September playlist, which goes to show that I'm very inconsistent. I can make a tonne of excuses about how busy I was but in all honesty, I've been so free that I've reached the point of lazy boredom. I went on holiday last week, to Ooty again because I love it there. For the most part, though, I've been following my moods and doing what I feel like doing at that point in time. That's the curse of having too many hobbies!

Musically, October was a month of covers. It was mostly coincidental. I didn't go about hunting for covers of songs I loved. I did listen to a lot of original music but I've never had such a large number of covers sneak into a playlist before so I thought I'd share a few here.

Jolene by The White Stripes

Everyone and their grandmother knows the popular Dolly Parton song, but there are thousands of covers all over the internet by established and up-and-coming artists. My favourite has to be this version by The White Stripes. Jack White is one of the geniuses in the world of music today. Everything he attempts hits gold. They took a classic song and made it their own, staying true to the sound they'd established as the signature White Stripes sound. Jack White has spoken about his admiration of country stars of the 60's and 70's and has managed to turn a soulful country song into a rock ballad, complete with his guitar melodies and raspy vocals.

I did enjoy the original song, but this rendition was what sold the song to me. Although it voices the thoughts of a woman dealing with an adulterous husband, the male vocals adds an artistic edge to the song. 

New York, New York by Cat Power

Originally recorded by the legend Frank Sinatra, it takes a lot of balls to cover a song that is so iconic. I know people who aren't Sinatra fans but have heard this one track by him. Cat Power has made it a bit more modern with a slight smokey-ballroom-esque vibe to it. The slightly lazy vocals works, in my opinion, with the prominent beats. I do not like this more than the original, but it is a good song by itself.

Chelsea Hotel No.2 by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is one artists who has her shit sorted out. She knows what she's best at and she sticks to her guns but at the same time provides variations in her range that is quite unexpected. She took a Leonard Cohen song and made it her own. In true Lana fashion, she made it a tad darker and slowed it down to create the mood she's well known for.

I also like her cover of "Once Upon a Dream" which she recorded for the Maleficent soundtrack but I thought it would be a bit of an overkill to include two tracks by the same artist.

The Devil Inside by London Grammar

FYI the song begins at 1:00 in the video above. Thought I'd state that before I go on.

This song is originally by INXS. When I was first notified of this cover on soundcloud, I was obsessed! The original is much more fast paced, the vocals more like spoken words. Honestly, I didn't like the original much. This cover was like a London Grammar original. If they hadn't mentioned that it was a cover, I wouldn't have made the connection.

Heart Shaped Box by Evanescence

I've been obsessed with Evanescence since I was about eleven or twelve. I found Nirvana around the same time and although I didn't listen to their entire discography, I did listen to the popular tracks. My Evanescence obsession drove me to download every single track ever recorded by them and when I found this cover, it was like I found treasure. It is still one of my favourite songs by them.

I love how the kept much of the song intact but put in the haunting vocals of Amy Lee. It isn't as heavy in sound as the original, but it has the gothic vibe that Evanescence bleeds into every song they put out.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Think Up Anger ft. Malia J

Another Nirvana cover, this time by a lesser known youtube cover band. I found this when I accidentally clicked on a trailer for a horror movie. This track was used in the trailer and I cannot say what spooked me more: the graphic visuals or the song. The vocals remind me of a bunch of zombie children marching to their own tune. It's much mellower than the original. I can't think of any other way to describe it but spooky.

Also, I wish I had come up with this. It is genius!

Enjoy the Silence by Lacuna Coil

Last but not least, is this cover by Lacuna Coil. For those who don't know, Lacuna Coil is an Italian Symphonic metal/gothic metal band. Don't be alarmed by the word "metal". Not all of their tracks are loud and heavy. This one, a Depeche Mode cover, is more symphonic rock than metal. The guitars are more prominent than the drums but it does carry a melody that is addictive. I've never been a fan of Depeche Mode, but this song of theirs got quite popular when it first come out. A lot of people thought it was absolute crap mostly because it was so bland and boring. Several bands have covered it and given it their own flavour but this has got to be my favourite cover of the song. 

Anberlin also covered this song but their cover is more peppy whereas this is more of a darker rock ballad. 

That is all for this playlist! There will be more next month. I hope you'll give these tracks a listen. 

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