Monday, 7 December 2015

November Playlist

The only thing I remember from November (even though it was literally 7 days ago) are beaches and sunshine and heat and that's because I was holidaying by the sea. That post is coming up soon. I hope. No promises.

As for music, I general prefer mellow indie tunes when I'm by the sea. Something to go with the flow of the waves and something that goes against the blazing sun. Here are my top 6 most played songs from my holiday.

Boys and Girls by Alabama Shakes

This is my favourite by Alabama Shakes. The vocals are so raw and simple balanced with the prominent beats and the bluesy guitars. It was perfect for those nights when I was driving along the coast, watching the lights flickering in the distance and reflecting off the water. Imagine that when you listen to it and you'll love it too!

Lost in the Light by Bahamas

This is the song that inspired my Twitter handle. I never use my name in my handle and, as pretentious as it may seem (because I'd be lying if I said I wasn't and that I didn't love that side of me), I wanted something quite vague and intriguing. As an artist and amateur photography, it seemed apt to state that I was lost in the light because it is what turns our creations into magic.

This song is easy going and more acoustic indie folk than the other songs I've heard by this artist. It's very beachy and listening to it at the beach is heavenly! I also love "All the Time" by Bahamas but that tends to get a bit repetitive. 

Excuses by The Morning Benders

It starts off a bit lazy and sleepy but soon rubs the sleep out of your eyes. It is hazy and mellow with a sort of twinkle in it. It's the perfect background noise to watch dolphins to. Just saying. Try it sometime!

Meet Me in the City by The Black Keys

A cover of the Junior Kimbrough song that was featured on their tribute album, I love how tastefully this has been done. They stick to what they're best at but they toned it down a little and made it a bit more mellow, a bit more relaxed. It is a great song to think to or to walk around the city to. 

Violins and Tambourines by Stereophonics

This song is instrumental for the most part and is dramatic without being too loud or heavy. It is also not the kind of instrumental track that gets monotonous after a point. It is the kind that makes you wish it would go on forever.

Draw Your Swords by Angus and Julia Stone

I've been following this Australian duo for so long and this is one of the first songs I heard by them. They capture the essence of bedroom folk and acoustic indie in one tune so perfectly, accompanied by the whispy vocals that venture into the realm of falsetto in the chorus.

This song hits something in me that I can't quite explain and wouldn't even attempt it, not it fear of scaring people away but in fear of finally having to face my own demons. At the same time, it comforts me with the sense that flaws can be coveted. 

Those are my top six! There'll be more next month if I'm up to it. 

Until then, there's my music blog for more alternative/indie tunes that may surprise you and change you for the better.

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