Monday, 25 January 2016

People Of The Coast

Sometime during November, I visited various places along the coast of Karnataka (the state that I call home) with my family and my camera. As you may or may not know, the main reason I go on holiday is to take pictures of new subjects and be inspired to do something in life. Let's ignore the latter because I don't have much to say about that right now. Ever since I got into photography, I've mostly been taking pictures of inanimate objects and of nature. I've been trying to get better at portrait photography. The best way to go about it is to test out your skills in a different location and that's what I did. I went about snapping pictures of people I met during my trip, some even posed for me.

This is a different take on travelogue-ing. I got bored of the usual ones I did and, if I were to be completely honest, those aren't good at all. I hope this fares better!

Ladies on break! I caught them unexpectedly. I saw them working on the beach, picking up all the junk people kept throwing around. When I was leaving, I saw the lady in the lifeguard jacket standing in the middle of the beach and looking around for some one. The other lady joined her and they hugged, smiled at each other and laughed about something. I thought that was really special!

People watching the boats from the bridge. I was doing the same but by the beach. 

One person is familiar with the place. The other is picking his brain about dolphins and whether he can catch. That person is my dad.

The people who work extra hard every day to bring back a meal for their family. This was taken really early in the morning.

The fishermen's children enjoying the sunset with an interesting story from their storyteller of the day!

The fishermen's daughters building a fort by the sea. 

I saw this guy several times during my stay in Gokarna. He would walk up and down the beach, smiling at everyone and singing happy songs while trying to sell jewellery. I asked him if I could take a picture and he posed for me. Everytime I showed him the picture, he'd give me some "tips" on how to make it better! This was the only one he was satisfied with. 

I'm pretty sure he knew I was following him just to get a good picture. 

This is my favourite picture from the trip. I like the colours and the angle and the fact that I managed to make it look semi-professional while not getting caught.

The tribal women from a village close by selling flowers outside the temple in Gokarna. These two women are one of the last few who uphold the culture of their dying tribe., which is evident in the way they dress. The others have been influenced by technology and growing cities and have changed their ways a bit.

This girl's mother had a shack shop along the main Gokarna road. She sold jewelry and clothes and other tit-bits. I was looking for some chunky, statement necklaces for some friends and this little girl helped me pick them out. She was really fascinated by my camera so I told her I'd take a picture of her if she smiled for me. She got a bit shy when I turned on the device but really liked the outcome.

I hoped you liked this picture-heavy post.  Currently, I am on holiday in Rajasthan (yes, I managed to schedule for once!). Check out my Instagram for real-time photo updates from my trip.  

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