Sunday, 28 August 2016

6 Things To Expect From Your First Job

To be fair, my first "job" (from where these scientific conclusions have been drawn) was technically an internship, but I think that it would make sense for any sort of work experience. If I'm wrong, let me know.

The thing is, sometimes people strive through the pain for the experience or the pay. I wasn't one of them. If I don't like something, nothing in this world can change my attitude towards and I've been told that a lot of people starting out are just like that. So don't fear if you hate your job and worry that you'll never find one you like, hold your head up and be positive and read through my lighthearted list and have a good laugh about old experiences!

You'll probably hate it
You go into it hoping that it would boost your social life, meet some eccentric people who are just like you, only to be faced with the new-girl-on-the-first-day-of-school situation. Apart from that, we as humans always go into a new situation with high expectations, no matter how hard we try not to. Life is never the way we expect it to be but that doesn't stop us. When we are proved that life isn't like a movie, it hurts more than we care to admit. But we stick around, whining and complaining for a couple of months, fantasising about the next job and the paycheque that comes with it.

You'll be overworked and underpaid
As cool and confident as you may seem, the corporate sharks can smell a newbie like a bloodhound. Almost like you've doused yourself in baby products, because that's what you are: a baby. They'll convince you that the work is done a certain way and the people of your position have mundane things of importance to finish before the day is done. In reality, you're made to do everything that no one else wants to do. There's nothing you can do to avoid being taken for granted. You ache for acceptance and success and are fearful of failure and blame that you will do pretty much everything within reason to get a good recommendation in the long run. My advice: set your moral compass due north and head straight through the storm. The first job never lasts too long but it's the most important reference for future jobs.

You won't have time for anything else
Extracurriculars are a joke when you work a full time job - especially when you're made to work overtime. You go into it thinking you'll be more responsible and will be better at time management, but forget to factor in the fatigue and stress that pretty much knocks you off your feet the moment you get home. As much as you would love to keep time for your very many hobbies, jobs make it near impossible to do is, to the point where you feel like you're losing yourself to the corporate world. Although no one plans to be a sellout, at some point we all find ourselves feeling like one. Some people carry on because the incentives are great, some people quit because they hate what they've become. Perseverance teaches us that hard work at shitty jobs will eventually lead us to a place we've always dreamed of, doing something we thoroughly enjoy. (This hasn't been proven by yours truly. Ask me again in a couple of years.)

Your work friends won't last forever
Work friends exist. Not everyone will push you down on their way up. But will they last forever? Probably not.  Everyone's out chasing their dreams and eventually, you lose track of each other and ultimately lose contact completely. It's natural and expected. Don't go into it hoping to have an all new circle of friends who will stick by you through anything. There's a high chance that won't happen.

Disappointment is part of the job description
It's completely normal to feel like you're disappointing yourself and your peers. It is your first job, after all. No one expects you to catch on quickly and be extra brilliant. The thought of failing at the task and letting people down can be quite daunting, but don't let it get to you. Be proud of your achievements, big or small.

It will be a good learning experience
Despite all the negativity and hardships you might put yourself through, the first job will always be the standard for all future jobs. It helps you figure out what you're looking for and what you want to do next, and also learn about the industry and work culture.

Although I don't have a lot of work experience at the moment, this seemed like a good time to put up a post about my thoughts on jobs and what I've learnt about them. I start a new job tomorrow and that will be my first official paid job. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

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