Thursday, 18 May 2017

5 Fool Proof Tips for Learning a New Language

In August of last year, I enrolled for French classes. Initially I thought I'd complete the first level and be done with it, but it is now May and I'm nearly done with my third level. Not only is it extremely interesting to understand the nuances of a different language, it also helps you get a glimpse into the culture and look beyond social stereotypes.

The secret to learning a new language isn't much of a secret at all. It is difficult because we think in the language we're most fluent in and choose to directly translate. Also, it's frustrating when all you can manage are elementary sentences and feel like you cannot be yourself in a different language. But, if you stick with, you'll be multi-lingual, a skill that would definitely aid you in your professional and personal life. 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Recent Beauty Favourites [May 2017]

For as long as I've been blogging, beauty has never been my forte. I although I like the art of makeup, I was never extremely experimentative or even good at providing unbiased reviews. But, as this is a space for me to share everything I love, I also include the products I enjoy.

My favourites don't change from month to month. Most of the time, I stick to products that I know work well for me. Some of the products on this list are ones that I've talked about several times before and continue to use. Others, are fairly new to my collection that I've really loved.

Since it's currently summer in India, it's been harder to keep my face looking oily and tired throughout the day. Most days, it has been too hot to have too much of makeup on as it gets quite uncomfortable. I usually opt for some eyeliner and neutral lipstick. On the days that I have someplace important to be, I put in a bit more effort without making my skin feel heavy.