I'm not very good at talking about myself as I find myself to be a bit boring, so I'll talk about my blogging profile instead.

I started blogging on Tumblr in May of 2012 where I mostly shared music that I loved. At the time, I didn't associate myself with any particular niche as I didn't know they existed and I didn't aim to be a success of any sort. My sole purpose was to find a release and an escape from the strenuous and extremely meaningless life I was living at the time. After a couple of posts, I garnered the attention of several fellow Tumblers and a few musicians and bands as well. That's when I realised that what I was was a "Music Blogger".

I enjoyed it for a long time and I still do, but I felt like it wasn't my only interest. I wanted that blog to be exclusively about music but I knew I wanted another platform to share more of me. I signed onto blogger then and created this blog which has gone through three name changes in the short time that it has been in existence. I'm most certain that I'll  rename it again in the future.

This is a place for all things unsaid and mystical. A place where I share my love for photography, travel, misadventure, art of every kind, and even some recipes. I talk unabashedly about things most people wouldn't and I speak of things without any false pretenses. My goal is to make you as a reader feel like you belong somewhere because I know what it feels like to always feel out of place.

I hope you like my writing style. Feel free to ask me anything or call me out on anything.


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